Monday, October 12, 2009


I absolutely love's such a great preview to Christmas - I love spending time with family and of course I LOVE the food (LOVE LOVE LOVE). It's pretty much the only time of year (that and christmas of course) I get super stuffed. Generally speaking, I despise the feeling of being stuffed to the rim - ugh, it just makes me mad. But Thanksgiving and Christmas are great occassions to let my guard down. So now - instead of 30 lbs to lose, I am confident I have 35. *ack* Hence the overhaul.

We were with Brent's family for Saturday (mine for sunday) and EVERYONE was there. It was so fun! Sarah, our newest sister in law is a *mostly* vegetarian, with the exception of fish, which she eats fairly often. Interestingly, she was just at the dr getting some bloodwork done and the dr was BLOWN AWAY at her results. All of her levels were perfect, including her iron which she mentioned she was a little worried about (simply because of being veg). I'm super impressed.

I truly do love to eat healthy...all the fruits and vegetables - I get excited when my house is well stocked. (that being said - I love eating the *crap* too...have you tried the new Angry Whopper from BK?? soooo good!!!!) So I'm making a change - a major overhaul....My plan is to not only change our portions but to look at what we're eating as well. Fish is not my favorite but I am committed to making and eating it more. It's not something I hate, so truly I can make the decision to eat it. I'm hoping I'll learn to love it. And since Brooklyn discovered last night that she *loves shrimp now* and ate about 1/4 of a shrimp ring, I'm hoping to cook with it more as well. I always use lots of veggies when I make a meal so thankfully that won't be a huge adjustment. And I will likely throw in bits of chicken or beef in some meals for Brent. But for the most part I'd like to eat vegetarian...I'd say about 80%, but for now that might not be accurate. We'll see.

For lunches my plan is:
Veggie Wraps and CousCous Pitas (recipe to come)

For dinners (and as leftover lunches if successful):
Stuffed Pasta Shells, Risotto with mushrooms and dried tomatoes (Sarah's recipe), Potato Salad, Grilled Veggies, Stir Fry, Burrito enchiladas (soo excited to try these), Lentil Soup (it's getting to be that time of year), Harvest Vegetable Soup, Vegetarian Chili, and Cheezy Broccoli Soup.

A lot of these recipes have come from a book I've had for a while but never really jumped into (although wanted to, just never did. I'm soooo excited to try some of these recipes and hopefully have some more to add to my collection. The book is called *Original Fast Foods* and is really rather fascinating. Check out the website HERE to learn more about eating more *natural* foods (ie not processed) and the health benefits from doing so.

Brent and my brother were watching some documentary the other night - it involved a *mcdonald's diet test* and I'm sure I've seen it before...I'm also pretty sure I don't want to see it again. LOL It was SO gross...The *test subject* LOL started eating mcdonald's for EVERY meal. In just FIVE days he gained TEN POUNDS!!! SICK-O-RAMA  Then they showed an animated version of how the chicken nuggets are made/processed....and then showed the ingredients list. OH.MY.WORD. It was about 60 items long....for breaded chicken!!! I don't think we'll be going there for a looooong time *ugh*

So between my usual resolve to do better after spending time with Sarah (I was so excited she brought some recipes for me) and this documentary....I'm pretty pumped to try some new *healthier* recipes. And I'm also finally digging out some recipe books I have on the shelf but haven't really used (Original Fast Foods and Deceptively Delicious).

Brent just left with my long list of groceries - I'm so excited for when he comes back :) We'll see how many of the items he actually buys. hehe

And so - I suppose let's post some recipes :)

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