Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Burrito Enchiladas - the verdict!

Tonight was the night...after thinking about THESE all night I couldn't wait to make them today.

After lunch was made, eaten, and cleaned up - I set out to make another mess (my poor kitchen!). I creamed the beans, mixed the sauce, and sauteed the onions and mushrooms. I used white tortilla shells because we have some on  hand that should be used up and I personally prefer white ones for enchiladas (I prefer whole wheat for my lunchtime veggie wraps). I kept about 1/4 of the beans whole, but would probably do more next time.

First off - the creamed beans recipe makes A LOT! I have 4 ziploc bags filled half full of it in the freezer. LOL I added a can of green chilies which was nice. But I definitely recommend doing a *fresh* spice bouquet as I think there was something a big too strong from using the dried ones. A little trickier to *remove* as well (I didn't even try to be honest). The rice - good but made the inside of the enchilada a bit too dry....Next time I would add sauce to the inside of it as well and less rice than I put in each one (so about 2 Tbsp). I also added cheese inside each one and topped at the end of cooking in the oven. I added some chili powder to the sauce, trying to make it more like the one from THIS enchilada recipe. And I also thickened it a bit with water and cornstarch - otherwise it's much too runny.

They were good...not great...I would doctor it quite a bit next time so may perhaps come up with my own recipe. I did not top with green onions, corn, and olives - although I would do the green onions next time because I LOVE them (I actually just forgot to tonight). And I did add about a cup of corn to the bean mixture just because :) I don't think salsa would be great on top of these (the sauce is enough) - same with the guacamole (even though I LOVE guacamole).

I also made up a second batch of sauce (from the other enchilada recipe) for the inside of our enchiladas - they were just too dry and one spice from the beans was too potent not to. A filling meal though and definitely enjoyable enough - but not TO DIE FOR, at least not as the recipe stands.


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