Thursday, June 18, 2009

here fishy fishy fishy...

I have so much to write about - so there will be quite a few posts as I make the time to update this blog.

Anyways, I decided to *think outside the box* and make fish - yes, this is *outside the box* for me. LOL My sister in law (to be), Sarah is a huge fan of fish so I decided to try her recipe. I just bought a salmon filet (2 pieces) and did one Sarah's way and one my mother in law's way.
(this photo is not's from

lay on tin foil (will be wrapping up in a *pocket* to keep the moisture in)
a couple *dots* of butter (about 1 Tbsp total I'd say)
sliced lemon laid on top (2-3 slices)
And I added a few smooshed garlic cloves too :) and sprinkled a little with pepper

Karenne's (my mother in law):
lay on tin foil (same as Sarah's)
a couple *dots* of butter
sprinkle lemon pepper all over

Bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes and enjoy. I'm not a fish fan to begin with, so it wasn't to die for....although honestly I want to like it so I do plan to try more recipes. It wasn't bad by any stretch and hopefully I can acquire more of a taste for it. Brent said it was good - he may have even said *great* but it was already so long ago I can't remember exactly!