Friday, March 6, 2009

perfectly pita

I've been wanting veggie wraps lately but haven't actually made them. I usually use tortilla shells but we are out - and luckily I found some pitas in the freezer! Excellent!

These are inspired by my cousin, laura. And I LOVE them....

Cut up:
Red Onion (I do thin slices)
Red pepper (small chunks)
Cucumber (half circles or quarters)
carrots (small chunks)
celery (small chunks)
grated cheese (I used mozzarella for something different)

I started using mayo and mustard like a sandwich, then switched to cream cheese - either herb & garlic or garden vegetable (both awesome) but today I decided to use some of my leftover caesar dressing from last night (which by the way turned out better than ever!!!). I ate both halves of the pita and wanted another (but I resisted). It was so amazing, I'm already anticipating another one for lunch tomorrow. I'll be throwing some of tonight's leftover roast in as well...:)


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