Friday, October 2, 2009


I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. It's not for lack of cooking....I've just been insanely busy. Working on reorganizing my business (with my friend Megan), Cute Like Me, getting our reviews and giveaways blog moving smoothly (check it out HERE), and most recently learning how to coupon!!! Yep - here in Canada!! I'm ECSTATIC!!! In fact, just today I went and bought shampoo as I've been out for a few days. I'm still washing my hair, don't worry - but using Brent's Gilette shampoo is just not quite cutting it. So I went into London Drugs (they let you coupon stack) with my handy coupons and spent $1.38 on shampoo AND conditioner...Pantene Pro-V :) I'll be heading back tomorrow to get a couple more sets. They were marked down to $3.99 each plus I had a swack of coupons to help me. How awesome is that!!!

So I will also be adding my tips (as I learn along the way from my trust friend) and finds...and will be adding a savings ticker to keep track of the money I save. I'm going back to tomorrow to get more shampoo and conditioner (I have more coupons) as well as some gilette stuff and old spice stuff. Sooo excited!

Will keep you updated. Also - tomorrow is the b-day party for our kids (all of B's friends have siblings the same age as J, so it's silly to do two parties) and we'll be having loads of snacks so lots of recipes to post :)

Soooooo fun!!!!

Stay tuned! Life is only getting more exciting!

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