Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's all about creativity!

Leftovers can be so fun....I don't often like to eat the exact same meal night after night until the leftovers are gone, so I'm always trying to think of something new to do with the food.

We had a fun retreat last weekend where there was a lot of leftover food. I was able to take a container of veggies home which i was really excited about. I wasn't really sure saturday night what to do for dinner but I knew I didn't want to make a huge meal. But I also knew I wanted to eat some of the veggies....Sooo....I made a wrap!

The veggie mix included, broccoli, snap peas, cauliflower, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini. So I warmed some up and put them in a tortilla shell. I know - nothing special...buuut, I added on top a sauce I LOVE.

Mix 1 part mayo/miracle whip to 2 parts sour cream, sugar to taste and a dash of garlic powder. This dressing/sauce can be used for so many things...donairs, nachos and cheese (a fave), and wraps. This sauce MADE the wrap soo delicious, I could have easily eaten two...but I didn't. :)

Then I also have a ton of leftovers from THIS recipe. I took some of the pork and fried it up with some sliced red peppers and onions (I used a touch of olive oil but otherwise used the sauce from the meat). I placed it in half of a tortilla shell and topped with some cheese - folded in half and fried in a frying pan for *pork quessadillas*. I served it with the above sour cream/mayo mixture and salsa. Brent LOVED it!

Tomorrow I plan to use the remaining pork and make the Chicken enchiladas tomorrow. I'll be adding the leftover black beans as well (I LOVE black beans) and possibly using some of the cafe rio dressing in the sauce as well. We'll see.

It's nothing major - but it can really help out if you are willing to be creative and try new things. I remember one time buying the wrong pitas from a local bread store. We ended up getting greek pitas which don't open :( But I decided to try them as individual pizzas and they were AWESOME! Now we often buy the Naan Bread (bags of about 6 I think - I love the garlic ones best) to make pizzas at home. We did it for Brooklyn's 3rd birthday party and everyone was able to make their own pizza - it was great!

So what's in your fridge? And - what else can it be?? Try something new - you might surprise yourself!

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