Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Salata!!!

I love a good salad....the more ingredients - the better it is. Loads of veggies, sometimes hardboiled eggs (not the yolk as I *really* do not like the yolk), croutons, craisins (divine) or other fruit, and sometimes chicken strips. I recently purchased a box of grilled chicken strip slices from M&M's and am THRILLED! I can just grab a few from the resealable bag and fry them up (in nothing - not oil or marg...) and throw them in my salad. So I intend on doing this every once in a while. I always add cheese - always....I loooove cheese (addict). And a lot of times I make my own dressing which is nice because it's not processed, but some of the recipes also have a pretty high amount of sugar so it isn't really that healthy. THEN I discovered this parents received it as a gift from a lady they know and am I ever glad they did. I LOVE it and use it all the time. I'm really excited to try it on my veggie wraps - I think I'll marinate the veggies and just throw them in my wrap just like that. (no mayo=even healthier!)

The ingredients are Water, Spirit Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Dill, Tarragon, Wort, and Caramel.

Nothing I can't pronounce....nothing horrible....and it's all mixed together and is seriously SCRUMPTIOUS!! LOL

Nutritional Information (per Tbsp) - ZERO calories, ZERO fat, ZERO cholesterol, 200mg sodium, ONEg carbs, and ONEg of sugars. (and zero fibre and protein - and vitamins a &c, calcium and iron...just so I'm not giving only half the information).

I absolutely LOVE this dressing. If you are looking for it - it's not directly in the salad dressing section...a little further past - by the vinegars I think (it's a seasoned vinegar dressing). I paid $5.00 for my first bottle (750 mL) but then found it at Wal-Mart for $3.50 (gotta love Wal-mart!)

Seriously - go try's delicious!


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