Thursday, February 26, 2009

checking it off

Well I was inspired by my cousin to write down a list of family goals for the year. I think setting goals is really important but there is something even more amazing about writing them all down. Some are more serious (saving) and some are just plain fun (car wash fights with family). But ultimately it's nice to have a list - something to refer back to and keep things organized. For me, if I have it down I am more likely to stay focused and pay attention to HOW I am going to accomplish it.

As you've probably guessed, starting a cooking and recipe blog is on my list! It's really just the beginning of the goals I have regarding this, but we'll start here :) My plan is to post all of my recipes on here and label them so they are easy to find. I don't claim to be a chef by any stretch, but I LOVE to cook...and honestly I think I've been lucky enough to come across some GREAT recipes. Usually I do the recipe as it's written the first time (just to get the basic idea) and if needed change them up a bit (I've always liked to do things *my* way. lol) to tailor them to our family's tastes (well mostly mine - my husband eats anything!). I LOVE trying new recipes and am always looking for something different. So if you have a recipe you kind of want to try but maybe are a little timid...let me know...e-mail me at and I'd be happy to *test the waters* for you!

I have plans for recipe contests (with giveaways of course!) and of course recipe sharing (not just mine). I think this is going to be great...and perhaps it will inspire some of you to try a few more things and add a bit more variety to your *cooking portfolio* :D

And if nothing else - at least I get to check this goal off my list.

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