Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm back!

Okay so....I've fallen off the wagon a bit here with the cooking. But I guess being away for a week will do's a little tricky to get back into the groove I have to say - I got a little unmotivated and found myself only wanting fast food or take out because it was easy - specifically Subway. Honestly it's been a favorite of mine for a looong time but I rarely go there because if I have the kids in the car the drive through is soo much more convenient (that's kind of embarrassing to admit). Besides, we don't really eat fast food all that often - although I'm also embarrassed to admit this past month we've hit the *fry store* more than a couple of times *sigh*

But I was inspired recently by my sister in law, Sarah. She was raised vegetarian and has continued the lifestyle for lots of reasons I am sure, but one for sure is she doesn't even really like the taste of beef or chicken, etc. Which I am a bit surprised by I must say - of course I'm equally as surprised she loves fish (I do not) so what can I say. LOL I'm not interested in being vegetarian 100% of the time and am definitely married to a man who wants and *needs* meat, but there are of course benefits to limiting our meat intake. Recently, while out at my inlaws for a week with the whole family I became acutely aware of just how much meat we were all eating. it's something I try to watch anyways, but having a vegetarian around definitely made it more noticeable (particularly for me). As food was brought in (for which we were incredibly grateful) and we ate - never did a meal go by without some form of meat, and usually a few different kinds and lots of it! Like I said - we were more than grateful, but I can tell you that I have never eaten so much meat (and bread!) in one week. By the end I was definitely *meated* out! And ready for lots of vegetables and fruit. So this past week (since being home) I have made a conscious effort to eat mainly vegetarian dishes. I can feel my body being rejuvenated and grateful - it needed the break. And having been brought two meals this week (for which we are again incredibly grateful) I was able to enjoy them without feeling like the meat was overkill. Chicken Pot Pie Casserole (I will be getting the recipe for this - it was amazing!!!) and Broccoli Chicken and Potato Casserole (I will also be getting the recipe for this - fabulous!) have been enjoyed and savoured and of course, devoured :D

Tired of me blabbing yet? LOL
Anyways - I have yet to do a big grocery trip since returning home so I am taking lots of time to plan meals ahead of time....I will be continuing with a higher majority vegetarian dishes for myself and adding chicken or beef for Brent where possible. Honestly though - he's amazing and never complains...always eats what's made and is a star husband all around. And he's always willing to try new things (unless it involves vinaigrette salad dressing - he DOES NOT like vinaigrettes. LOL). So he's pretty great to have around for meals!

This month I am looking at more resources and finding some new dishes. Vegetarian, even a few Vegan, and of course some meat ones as well. So stay tuned! There will be lots and lots of cooking! I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

Send any recipe ideas to - I'd love to try something you love, or have been wanting to try yourself!

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