Thursday, February 4, 2010

My lunch of choice...

Actually it's not just my *lunch* of choice - right now, it's my breakfast, lunch, and dinner of choice. I LOVE it. all the time....Nothing fancy, nothing crazy - just a delicious veggie wrap! I know I know, it doesn't sound too exciting, but trust me....

It began a couple of weeks ago when I picked up subway on the way home from the gym. I hadn't eaten supper beforehand but wanted to make sure I ate something at least sort of healthy that wouldn't put all my work to waste. Having recently discovered the delicious factor in their HONEY OAT BREAD (seriously try it!!) I got my veggie sub on that, instead of the usual Italian Herb and Cheese. Baby steps - I'm a cheese ADDICT, so this kind of a big deal for me. Brent always gets those banana peppers on his (the yellow, orange, and red ones) and I decided to finally try them.


I'm hooked. absolutely hooked. So I made a special trip to walmart just a couple of days later to pick some up. I took the opportunity to stock up on veggies and such (I LOVE when my cart is filled with veggies and fruit and little to no processed *stuff*) and got some small, whole wheat tortilla shells. I was set. And seriously I've had it every day since.

I put on one smear of herb and garlic cream cheese, cucumbers, sprouts, orange or red pepper (anything but green as I don't like them), purple onion (I LOVE), sometimes a few sweet pickles, and a few rings of the hot peppers. They have a nice little kick, but really aren't *hot* so I say try them even if you don't love hot stuff (I don't generally). And I bought a Beano's brand sub sauce a while back so I put a little drizzle of that on.

I love it....and yes you may have noticed I haven't been putting cheese on them....I've decided to try and avoid it where I can. I eat way too much cheese and I'm certain it's not healthy, though certainly delicious. And on something like this where there are so many other flavors, I can leave the cheese out and not really notice. My personal favorite though is Jalapeno Havarti. It just makes everything taste better.

Last night and today we cooked up some (yes, processed) chicken strips and added them to the wraps. So if you aren't into the whole veggie thing, go that route! 

So try something new. I bought the wal mart brand instead of the *real* brand because the first ingredient was actually peppers and the *real* brand had an additional ingredient in it that I can't pronounce. Okay I can pronounce it, but certainly don't know what it additive I'd rather avoid :)

I would add a photo but I can't find one online that I'm happy with. Maybe I'll take one of my own - but honestly it won't be fabulous!

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  1. Jalapeno Havarti is food of the gods. Seriously. LOVE.