Thursday, February 4, 2010

Julie and Julia

I know, I'm kind of spoiling you with two posts in a day. My word for the year is SIMPLIFY - which for me involves organizing - or rather, reorganizing. I'm trying to work it so I have more time to do the *other* things I want. In addition to being involved with my kids and wanting to be here for them, I have my  website as well as it's corresponding blog,  my giveaways and reviews blog. And of course this fun cooking blog (though in the near future I may try to work it out so they can all be one in the same.....). I love doing it all - so I don't want anything to really fall by the wayside...but it's taking some creative arranging of my time. Plus, next week I think life could get even busier (I'll have more details then - not cooking related mind you, but I am SO excited about it) and in the middle of april/beginning of may it's likely to get even busier. So I'm going to have to be organized and really on top of things...

okay none of that was the point of this post. Have you seen the movie, Julie and Julia? I personally really enjoyed it. It wasn't a fast paced movie...or one that had some life changing storyline behind it - though I personally was inspired. I think it gave me a sense of really where I want to take this cooking blog. What I want it to really be and represent. I won't commit to making quite so many recipes in one year - at least not so frequently. But I LOVE the idea of taking a cookbook and trying EVERY recipe and documenting the experience and the result. It will also give me a better plan when I'm grocery shopping and the ability to do a meal plan successfully. Meal plans are one of those things that I LOVE having but don't always manage to stick with long term. so this will help.

I recently ordered Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet and I am SO excited for it to arrive. I will be trying EVERY recipe in her book as I have heard incredible things about them. And how fun to have such a healthy alternative that is equally as fabulous! I also plan to try every recipe from my World of Wisdom cookbook....but I'll try and do one thing at a time. I have a few other cookbooks I'm curious to do the same with, so this could end up becoming quite the project.

I'm not sure of a name...In the movie it was The Julie/Julia Project - but as I'm not just documenting my journey with one specific cook, and because I don't want to copy it flatout, I'll be trying to think of something else. Suggestions are welcome. Perhaps there will be a main project title and each *chapter* will be named as well to specify which cookbook?? No idea...

I'm really excited. I love trying new recipes and it's fun to pass along the word. Please let me know if you have any MUST HAVE cookbooks or recipes....I am actually pretty excited to try out some recipes in my husband's dessert book (yes it's his - he had it before we even met) - THAT should be a fabulous chapter, so definitely stay tuned for that one! I may have to do the dessert ones simultaneously with the dinner ones - not that I think my kids would mind having dessert for dinner. lol

AND, I also promise to have photos - and hopefully good photos too. This will also give me a chance to improve my photography skills - Radelle (my fabulous cousin/fabulous photographer HERE) I will sooo need your help! LOL

Take care everyone....I'll be planning ahead and posting more! LOADS of recipes to come....Have a fabulous week - and try something new!!!

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