Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet me at the clubhouse...

It's kind of a tradition now...or was until Grey's ended for the season (oooo the suspense!)...every thursday night was girly/grey's night....snacks, good company, great show. I made dip once because well I pretty much had nothing else to offer and was too cheap (ie poor. lol) to go buy anything. It's a dip I've made for a loooong time now and just love it - with chips or veggies. I didn't know if anyone would eat it but I took it anyways....A friend had one taste and well, as they say, *the rest is history* LOL I'm sort of assigned to bring it every week. It's *seriously scrumptious* aaaand *seriously simple* - even better!!!

Buy this: Mix together 2 parts sour cream (remember it's 2 parts because it has 2 words...just an easy tip) to 1 part mayonnaise. I just sort of eyeball it and sprinkle in the dip mix to taste. I have never followed the directions on the back so have no idea how it compares....but to be honest, don't waste your time ;) There's no reason to - well in my opinion anyways!

This is a fabulous dip to take for bbq's or snack nights, etc. Like I mentioned, it's awesome for chips and veggies. So um, eat up and enjoy!


So while I was at the grocery store the other day I was looking at some of the other Club House dip mixes and thought I'd try this beauty: Well I didn't know whether to try it as a dip or a dressing but decided ultimately to go with the dressing (I followed the recipe on the back - just add vinegar and vegetable oil). I still had some of this tzatziki *dip* in the fridge so thought I should try something new! I've been back to eating my veggies wraps which I LOOOOOVE! So I put some of the tzatziki dip on the tortilla shell and then my veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, red/purple onion, and red pepper) and some lettuce...topped it with a little bit of the new dressing and OH.MY.WORD. It was probably the most delicious wrap I've had in a looong time (or ever actually). In fact, the day after I had it the first time I made it for lunch again - my friend Jenn foolishly wasn't hungry but I gave her a bite just so she could taste it. She went and made one for herself :D I've pretty much had it for lunch (and a couple suppers) for 3 days....I love it that much. I bought whole wheat tortilla shells this time which I love. It really just tastes so fresh and healthy...and is delicious and filling. What more could you ask for??


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