Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kraft is a beautiful thing!

I went through a phase about 10 years ago of boycotting Kraft....Because they are owned or partially owned by the Tobacco Industry (ie they own a large portions of shares in Kraft). And you know that sounds all nice and activisty and I felt like somehow perhaps I was doing my part. But really...I'm just not that bothered by it (which is probably why the phase only lasted a few months). Do I want to support the Tobacco Industry - well not particularly (not at all actually)...but does Kraft happen to make some really fab products - YOU BETCHA! And you know, they make sooo many products I just found it really overwhelming almost to keep it all straight. And let's face it - I like their stuff. And it's not like Kraft picks and chooses who buys their stocks. It's possible they would prefer it to be a different company/organization as well (although I have nothing to base that on) - but money talks....
So I guess I'll just have to use my efforts to promote and benefit other causes, that for me - at this point take priority. I think when it really comes down to it, so many of these large corporations are tied together somehow....I don't know that we can possibly get it straight. Does that mean it's not worth trying...of course not. But make sure it's something you truly believe in and have researched, not something you choose to do based solely on what you've heard from ONE person. Find a cause that means something to you...for some that will in fact be the boycotting of certain food products and companies.

For me....bring on the Kraft! I love their salad dressings. And while I really prefer to make my own, sometimes it's so nice to have something equally as enjoyable just waiting to be used. No work involved. I love making a hearty salad....full of veggies - celery, carrots, red pepper (I don't like green), mushrooms, green onion, purple/red onion, cucumber, sugar snap peas...and sometimes a chicken breast or leftover steak cut up or slices of lunch meat.

some of my favorite dressings are: Italian (interestingly the Kraft one is healthier than the superstore no name one! I like Golden or Creamy or Zesty), Catalina, Three Cheese Ranch (actually, Brent's favorite), raspberry vinaigrette (I LOVE vinaigrettes), and their Signature collection - Roasted Red Pepper and parmesan, Greek with Feta and Oregano, Creamy PoppySeed, and Sundried Tomato and Oregano. I will say I thoroughly despised their Mandarin Orange with Sesame dressing and ended up tossing the bottle. I was pretty disappointed because I thought for sure I would LOVE it....oh well, can't love it all I guess! :)

**Any in Purple I have used as a marinade for chicken (although fish I have heard is great too)...Any in Blue I am wanting to try and think would be great**

But my new favorite product of theirs is THIS collection:

They only have 4 kinds listed on the website but there are more. I have had the Pesto Parmesan which was really yummy on salad but even better as a chicken marinade. And I have the Fig Balsamic which is good on salad but also a GREAT bread dipper (like oil and balsamic vinegar with pan bread...although Brent wasn't too keen on the flavor, he prefers oil and balsamic vinegar....I'm happy with either). I also want to try the Raspberry Vinaigrette and the Greek Feta.

I can eat salad often - really everyday if I have enough variety. Or make a salad and throw it in a pita or a tortilla shell for a little more variety. I love alternating between homemade and store bought dressings...and the great thing about a pita or a wrap is you need just a small amount of dressing for a big punch of flavour. It's a great way to have a fresh and healthy meal that's filling enough to keep you going between meals! And is particularly delicious (I think anyways) in the summer when you don't want to be cooking anyways!

Kraft actually has some really great recipe ideas on their website....so check it out!

ENJOY! Let me know what your favorites are...how you've used them to cook...or perhaps some recipes you would love to try! You can e-mail me at skitalz@gmail.com with any recipes you have!

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